Just One Look

Just one look and everything has changed
The world turned ’round from black to blue
Only beauty remained
Just one touch and everything was clear
Exploration and explosion, nothing left to fear

Nothing left to regret
Time is over, time is gone
It’s time to move on
The sound of silence grows so loud
Still I remember you scream and shout: Hold on!

Just one beat of your heart
Is enough to let me know
That I’m part of it all
Let me see through your heart
It’s enough to let me know
That I’m part of it all

Feel the sun, see the rain
No, there’s nothing to complain
Just to be tamed
Emotions stir you up
You believe that you can’t stop
Driving yourself insane

Just one beat of your …

It’s this glance in your eyes
That melts all my doubts
Like the sun melts ice
I never felt like this before
Half saint, half whore
And I still want more

Just one beat of your …

Album: “Songs To Soothe Your Soul”
Written by Barbara Fallmann & Eugen Maria Schulak

Copyright & Publishing: The Frozen Heart (Fallmann/Schulak)

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