Sylvia’s Wishbone

Sylvia, maiden of the woods, wild woman
Made for the werewolf’s delight
Have mercy, oh, have mercy
With the howling wolf

Howling wolf will eat you
To the bone, to the bone, yeah
Oh, have mercy!
Sylvia’s wishbone!
Sylvia’s wishbone!

Do act wild, reign in his tenderness
Read his mind and he will lick your feet
Endow your flesh to his pleasures
And bear in mind: Woods keep still

He will lick your feet, yeah
But, in the end, he will seize you
Save your life, let him in!
Sylvia’s wishbone!
Sylvia’s wishbone!

Let the wolf in
Let him play in your woods
He’s a gift from the ghosts
And he can soothe your soul
I’m one of your angels
I can’t touch your skin
But I can feel your smiling face
Let the wolf in! Let him in!
Sylvia’s wishbone!

Album: “Songs To Soothe Your Soul”
Written by Barbara Fallmann & Eugen Maria Schulak

Copyright & Publishing: The Frozen Heart (Fallmann/Schulak)

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